Relaxation, Rest and Refreshment- And why they’re important for you

Relaxation(n): tranquillity, composure, calm. When we relax, our bodies are on a temporary break, suspended in a state of peacefulness. Relaxation could be in any form, practiced in different techniques, all to make sure our minds and bodies get enough rest.

Relaxation, rest, and refreshment go hand in hand in ensuring that we do not break down and can continue to function in our day-to-day activities. Let’s analyze these three and see how and why they’re important to our health and well-being.


Relax – to be calm, unwind, loosen up, de-stress, slow down, and chill out. Relaxation can help increase your sense of calm and reduce anxiety and stress. Relaxation techniques can slow heart and breathing rates, reduce blood pressure and decrease muscle tension and is a good tool for stress management.

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Relaxation isn’t only about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. It’s a process that decreases the stress effects on your mind and body. Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress. Some of the best relaxation techniques include yoga, massage therapy, music, and art therapy, among others. Practicing relaxation techniques have a lot of benefits for your health and body Slowing heart rate, Lowering blood pressure, Improving digestion, Reducing the activity of stress hormones, Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, Improving focus and mood, Improving sleep quality, Lowering fatigue, Reducing anger and frustration, Boosting confidence to handle problems, etc.

Relaxation is a process that decreases the stress effects on your mind and body.

Types of relaxation techniques include:

Deep breathing


Biofeedback [is a technique you can use to learn to control some of your body’s functions, such as your heart rate.]

Aromatherapy [is a type of alternative medicine that uses essential oils to improve a person’s health or mood]

Hydrotherapy [is the use of water as a treatment. It comes in various forms, such as aquatic exercises or using saunas]


Remember that relaxation techniques are skills. As with any skill, your ability to relax improves with practice. Be patient with yourself. Don’t let your effort to practice relaxation techniques become yet another stressor.

If one relaxation technique doesn’t work for you, try another technique. If none of your efforts at stress reduction seems to work, talk to a doctor about other options.

Important Reasons To Visit Your Doctor



fruits and fruit juice.
Fruits are part of refreshments for the body.

Rest- repose, ease, leisure, taking time off, inactivity, to have breathing space. Rest is an instance or moment of activity. To rest means to relax into something and let it support you. The human body constantly involves itself in a series of activities to keep and sustain itself alive. That is why when you push your body too far, it pushes back. Resting can be having adequate sleeping hours or taking time off from work. Either way, it is important that in all our doing, we take time out to rest. Take advantage of the holidays to rest and relax. Your body will thank you.



Refreshment– Revitalizing, reviving, restoring. Your body loses nutrients and minerals daily due to stress, rigorous activities, and lack of sleep. We ingest chemicals and unhealthy foods into our system and it is necessary to detoxify. That is why we need to imbibe the culture of eating healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, and other classes of food in moderate amounts. According to research conducted at Harvard University, A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower the risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect on blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check. Remember to also drink plenty of water, protect your skin from the sun using the sun, and be careful of what you allow into your body. Revitalize your body today, and take advantage of this holiday to RELAX, REST and REFRESH.



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