Glam up your lashes.

Lashes are such an important factor in a girl’s overall look.Even when your full face is done and you don’t touch your lashes you can really tell something is off,and we are here to give you options on how to glam those lashes.. Just like the hair on the head and brows can look unruly in the morning when not properly groomed,the eyelashes also tend to seem scattered which is why extra effort is needed to make it pretty.
Here are some of the ways you can work those lashes.
1. Eyelash curler: A beauty tool used to curl the eyelashes.its main purpose is to groom the lashes making it curled up uniformly and giving you a wide awake pretty look. Eyelash curlers can be used by everyone and it should always be in good condition so as to avoid damage to lashes.
2. Mascara: Another way to glam up your lashes is to use mascara depending on the look you’re looking to achieve.Whether its volume or length or both,there are mascaras that serve those purposes. We recommend . Just make sure to remove the mascara with a gentle makeup remover as harsh rubbing of the lashes can cause them to fall off.
3. Strip lashes: This is the most popular option of lash glam as almost every makeup artist resort to this to give a quick boost to the overall makeup look.strip lashes are affordable and easy to apply.They come in different styles depending on the look you are trying to achieve ranging from a natural to voluminous thick look.It should be applied using the appropriate glue to ensure easy application and removal because using tacky inappropriate glue for the lashes can make them to appear tacky and also makes removal hurt the natural lashes. Strip lashes can be taken off after each day.
4.  Individual lashes: Usually done by a professional lash artist by attaching each lash to your natural lash to create a longer fuller look. it is a low maintenance way of having lashes that look natural and full. Individual lashes are the most expensive and usually need a refill at 4-6 weeks. The good thing about individual lashes is that you can absolutely wake up pretty.
Whatever options you choose from our recommendations to glam up your lashes, always look out for your natural lashes to avoid them falling out.When you don’t have on lash extensions,castor and coconut oil are good oils to enhance lash growth,they can be applied to your lashes using a mascara wand.

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