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wole opesanmi

Dear esteemed partner

I welcome you to, the one stop shop for all your Health and Beauty needs.

We created this platform because we believe that every individual should enjoy a Healthy Life and look Radiantly Beautiful while at it and we believe this enjoyment should come at the lowest cost possible, for a seamless shopping experience. This is what we care about, what we do, who we are.

At, we are committed to help you achieve your health and beauty objective and this is why we have partnered with institutions of repute to bring you services specially designed to help you accomplish your health, beauty, skin and body goals. I encourage you to explore our Product and Service ranges, buy a product and(or) Subscribe to a service that works for you and let us take care of you. was created for you.

Our Mission is to “To offer our customers Happiness through Healthy Living and Looking Radiantly Beautiful” and our Vision is “To be the one stop destination for all Health and Beauty related Inquiry in Africa”.

Allow me quote Renee Peterson Trudeau to say that “Nurturing yourself is not selfish, it is essential to your survival and well-being”. Hence, believe me when I say that the team at is excited about your visit and we believe that your first product purchased and(or) service subscribed to will be the strongest indication that you are ready to Nurture yourself and achieve your health, beauty, skin and body goals but most importantly, that you want to go with us on this exciting journey.

I bid you congratulations on this step taken and offer my best wishes as we meet on the other side of your Health and Beauty goals. Thank you for visiting, Thank you for shopping. We Appreciate it. — be healthy, be beautiful…



Wole Opesanmi

CEO & Founder


About the Founder

Wole Opesanmi is a seasoned Economist and an experienced Corporate & Contract Procurement Professional. A Buyer with over 7 years combined in a Procurement and Contract Management work environment- with vast multi-sectoral understanding of Procurement Processes, Procedures and Procurement Project Management, plus excellent Negotiation, Supplier Relationship Management and Inventory Management Skills. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply UK (CIPS) and the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management of Nigeria (CISMN). He is a Procurement Professional, an Author, a Tech Enthusiast and a Serial Entrepreneur.


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