Five (5) Tips on how to Live Life in the Heat

how to survive in hot weather


Lagos city is hot, so hot you wonder if we are actually in December, reports from other cities in the country says just about the same story, perhaps global warming is here to stay and we need to stop messing around and start doing stuff to water-down the effects of the heat. This is why Health and Beauty Center created this Five (5) tips for how to live life in the heat.

If you love life, you are going to love this.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water – According to “you need to be well hydrated for your cells to work properly. Drinking water also helps maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure. You need adequate fluid to produce lymph, an important bodily fluid and component of the immune system. All systems of the body work better in a water-rich environment.” so ask yourself this question; why am I not drinking a lot of water? How much water should you drink per day? Most school of thought say that 2.5 – 3 litres is just about enough water to drink per day.go swimming
  2. Go Swimming – Swimming is a good recreational activity to take interest in. Whether you know how to swim or not, this is the best time to go swimming or go learn swimming. You get to learn a life skill, meet new friends, increase your stamina, energize your heart and lungs, reduce your body temperature. In short, the benefits of swimming cannot be over emphasized. You are hot anyways, the weather is hot, your hot-head boss has made your head hot also and there is mad traffic that makes Lagosians temporary mad, why not go cool off in a swimming pool close by your office? Why go drink beer and eat meat every time? This is your conscience asking. Why?
  3. Wear Cotton Fabric – The conversation about the colour of clothes to be worn; be it bright or dark clothes have scholars from both school of thought with succinct points about why a certain colour should be worn. White or bright coloured clothes reflects the heat from the sun but also reflects the heat from the body back to the body. The black or dark coloured clothes absorbs the heat from the sun but also absorbs the heat from the body. We are not going to spoil your drip, sauce or style by telling you to wear a certain colour, just wear cotton fabrics or any other light and comfortable fabrics that works. Guys… this is not the time to be a gentleman (in Fela’s voice), be comfortable. Ladies…. You can take the wig off if you are hot, we promise you, nothing is going to happen.
  4. Use Air Conditioning- That is why you bought it right? so this is the actual time to make good use of it. If it is faulty, make that extra effort to fix it. Whether it’s the one in your car or at home, make use of the wonderful technology that has been saving lives of people in hot weathers. Kindly use your air conditioning. You should not come and go and kill yourself (in Timaya’s voice) in the name of saving cost, please live life small. Use your air conditioning and if it drives your power cost up, cut something else to balance up.
  5. Go to the Beach – The beach does wonders to your mind, it frees up your thoughts and as properly articulated by “as soon as you exit your vehicle and step out into the sun, you feel the calming effects wash over you like water. Both the sun and the waves combined work to completely relax your body, release you from your aches, and free you from daily stresses.” Lagosians, why don’t you go to the beach? You have it all around you but don’t appreciate it. You don’t know what you are missing. This is the perfect time to ditch the club for the beach. The warm weather will ensure the beach isn’t cold at Night and you and your lover can go have a relaxing time like you have not had in a while.

We guarantee you that if you take these Five (5) tips to live life and actually make the effort to practice them, then the hot weather phase will become enjoyable and memorable as against frustratingly hot and annoying. We love you at Health and Beauty Center and want you to be healthy within and radiantly beautiful without. This is why we created Health and Beauty Center – “the one stop destination for all health and beauty inquiry in Africa”

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