I’m sure most of our natural sisters have come across the word “hair porosity ” on the internet while checking for hair and product tips.A lot of YouTubers and bloggers use the porosity term and here to make it make sense to you (you’re welcome).

In simple words,hair porosity refers to the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture,which means if you have low porosity then your hair cuticles are tight and they are resistant to receiving moisture and if you have high porosity it means your cuticles are open to retaining moisture. So now you know why sometimes a product moisturizes your friends hair but leaves yours dry.
Below are some tips to care for your hair type for healthy beautiful hair.
High Porosity

  • Do not use heat when deep conditioning
  • Detangle gently and rinse hair with cold water to close cuticle
  • Use hair moisturizers and leave in conditioners to hydrate hair
  • Avoid overly heavy butter to avoid clogging.
    Low porosity
  • Use heat while deep conditioning to open hair cuticles and enable moisture penetration
  • Deep condition hair frequently
  • For daily styling,start off with damp hair, then use a creamy moisturizer and seal in moisture with an oil or rich hair butter…

So there you have it, observe your hair type to determine your porosity level, then care for it accordingly and enjoy beautiful frizz free moisture balanced mane.

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