Ways you have been damaging your hair

Your hair is your crown and you need to be very careful the way you treat it.

The hair is made up of three layers, the medulla the cortex and the cuticle.  The medulla is the most sensitive part of the hair, which is protected by the cortex and the cuticle is the outer layer of the hair. The hair grows about ¼ inches every month out of the follicle on the head and it can keep growing for 6 years.  Weak strands of hair shed out to make way for new strands frequently which is part of the   natural hair cycle. The length of the hair depends on how long it’s growing cycle last, if your hair cycle last for 2- 3 years then your hair might be on the short side same goes for the thickness of your hair.

It is important to note that though the cycle of your hair could depend on some hereditary factors, external factors could also affect the hair.

For this article, we will be focusing on the ways you contribute to the damage of your hair  

Over brushing

 yes, you are supposed to brush your hair daily but just think about it, brushing your hair involves dragging the hair strands and too much of that is not good for the hair because it can lead to split ends and breakage  

Over- shampooing

over- washing the hair can lead to dryness and unhealthy looking hair, although the aim of washing the hair is to clean out the dirt on the scalp, but like they say, too much of everything is bad, so yeah, it’s good to wash your hair but too much shampooing will leave the hair dry and unhealthy so you can give your hair a week break after your last wash.

Hair coloring and bleaching  

Frequent coloring and dying of the hair eventually leads to hair damage, especially if it’s done with bad product or by an unprofessional.  Chemicals from bleaching on the other hand penetrate the cuticle, remove the pigment and subject the hair to more damage.

Too much heat 

Heat changes the hydrogen bonds that hold the hair temporary leaving the hair looking dull, and this can develop to permanent change if heat is applied frequently. This heat could be from flat iron, curlers or hair dryers.

Tight protective styles

Protective styling can contribute to damage of hair especially if made to tight and braiding or styling the hair when wet can cause damage sooner because the hair is more fragile when wet. So when next you go to the saloon don’t be shy to tell your stylist to apply less pressure on your hair, especially the roots.

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