Beauty formula Wave Action Toothbrush 2 pack


Maintaining oral hygiene is very important and toothbrush is the first thing we need to fulfill the chore. Beauty formulas control action toothbrush does the same job in an advanced manner in order to keep your teeth free of germs and healthy. The medium texture angled head with multi-level bristles, makes it perform in the best way to keep gums healthy and safe from bleeding (occur due to hard bristled toothbrush). So, get it right away and ensure you keep up with your oral hygiene requirements. Ideal for – Beauty formulas control action toothbrush comes in the pack of three to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Buy these right away to ensure thorough cleansing of your mouth.


Product Description

Beauty Formulas Active Oral Care Medium Wave toothbrush is a multi-action toothbrush that has a Bi-Level Medium texture with soft rubber massage bristles.


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