Natural light skin daily skincare regimen

Maintaining any skin tone can be a chore especially in the tropics where , hyperpigmentation from sun exposure can be high. So * drum roll* this are four basic steps tested and trusted by yours truly  team light skin that helps maintain a glowing light skin complexion.

Step 1: Exfoliate  till you make it!!!!

People tend to underestimate how effective  exfoliation is or just some other skincare myth.

One key secret to my glowing glass like( yes my skin literally reflects from how smooth it is)skin is exfoliation. And there are two ways to achieve effective exfoliation using either mechanical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants. I recommend doing both because they both complement each other. Mechanical exfoliants are abrasives that literally slough off dead cells by contact with the skin

One that I particularly love is the black opal refine and brighten deep treatment scrub it is mildly abrasive but highly effective exfoliant  for brighter skin and also contains brightening ingredients and moisturizers like shea butter and jojoba which makes it just the right fit.

Another great alternative is the makari clarifying scrubbing cream which is a gentle,  effective scrubbing cream which remove dead cells and excessive sebum and all the tiny blemishes hindering skin renewal disappear to leave you with a healthy, glowing skin anyway I am biase I love anything makari them make amazing products and this is no different.

Another important thing to do is using masks, this step is very crucial…it serves different purposes  like acne , brightening and anti-aging

My favourite picks are Makari peel off mask  it serves a    dual purpose as both an anti acne treatment and complexion brightener its particularly helpful for unclogged pores, reduce excess sebum formation and acne prone skin and also can be used for all skin types.

I am in the middle on where to put this mask or exfoliant. Because Black opal brightening mask/scrub  spreads on like a mask  to get rid of the dirt/oil/residue. Then scrubs off working as an exfoliator that leaves my skin looking soft as a baby’s bottom.

In Nigeria we got like sunny summers all year round( yeah I know theirs harmattan and rain but the sun still comes out to play still)and maintaining a light skin complexion “ISSA” big challenge.we have all gotten darker at some point so using products that treat hyperpigmentation and maintain your light skin complexion is as important as the air we breathe.

I will give you guys hints of product that i know and love which contain safe lightening alternatives

Firstly 24k gold rose beauty milk is so lightweight because the heat nowadays yoo!!!!! So it scores major points for me on that and it gives your skin a luminous velvety feel. It contains a non chemical lightening proprietary blend that fades of age spots, dark marks  and fights pigmentation , fights signs of aging with the probiotics it contains and not only that the omega 3 complex makes your skin so supple I love it!!!!

Definitely a first choice for me on ligtskin maintenance .

At night I don’t like body lotions I only do face treatments, my favourite night time face cream is the 24k rose gold night time treatment hydrates so well.  But it can be a bit too rich for oily skin so  usage for me  is every other day but a great alternative to bleaching products and evens skintone.

Lastly how particular are you about the soaps you use. We tend to overlook it but your bath products determine your skin to a great extent. Which is why I use the 24k lightening soap it is not harsh on my skin so gentle but yet effective , moisturizes maintains my light skin complexion and gives my skin an almost instant pick me up after use…….

Healthy skin is all in the effort,  it requires consistency and effort…

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