How To Fix Broken Powder Or Eyeshadow

There is nothing more heartbreaking than buying a new powder, eyeshadow, blush or lipstick and cracking it into a million different pieces after just a few uses.  

But there are ways to repair your broken makeup without having to throw it straight out.

From microwaving lipsticks to put them back together to adding alcohol to smashed powders, here are some  simple tips and tricks to help you to repair your favourite items – often within minutes.

Countless makeup artists and experts including Queenii Rozenblad swear by rubbing alcohol to help to fix their broken powders.

All you need to do is get a tissue, a coin or foundation stick, a toothpick, the rubbing alcohol and your broken eyeshadow.

Pour the rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow and break it up a little more with the toothpick.
Then, place your tissue on top and use your coin or foundation to gently press down to re-set the shadow. Checking on it periodically, you should make circular motions while you press down with the coin. 
Finally, leave it alone for a few hours to ensure that the shadow is all back together.

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