You know how they say you are never fully dressed without a smile. Well, lipsticks should take credit
for that saying. They have a way of providing a woman with all the confidence she needs to walk into
any place at any time. This is why we cannot do without some particular colours to give us that all day radiance that paves way for us. Lol… Let’s look at some of them

You can never go wrong with this cool shade of brown and white mix. This is perfect for when you
feel the need to look simple and classy and don’t just want to stress it. It goes with most skin tones
and is not even picky when it comes to choosing a dress. It’s also a great color for everyday wear,
because of its very comfortable feel.
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Black Opal True Color Lipstick – Plantinum Quartz


This daring lip shade is an oldie but Goldie. It’s never out of fashion. It oozes out confidence on every
lady that dares to rock them. Though it’s usually worn occasionally for parties, date nights or other
important events, some fierce ladies opt for it as an everyday look. So, it’s definitely a must have. It’s
usually best on light skin but gives a dark skin the bold look if they choose to wear it.
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Black Opal True Color Lipstick – Lipstick Rich Red


The popular universal “Girly” pink color cannot be left out of the must have list. Skin tone is hardly a
problem with this shade as it varies from hot pink to fuchsia pink to baby pink, etc. to suit all kinds of
skin. Pink lipstick brings out a lively look and gets you ready for party time. Another goodness of this
shade is it knows no age(if the right shade is worn), instead it gives a youthful and vibrant look.
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Black Opal Color Splurge Luxe Matte Lipstick Fashion Fuchsia


This dark brownish red color (popularly called Wine) gives a dark and chic look that’s perfect for
formal occasions. It’s a cooler color than the fiery red and can be matched with dress colors such as
dark blue, red and even green. It’s known to give life back to gloomy days.
Try out our Black Opal True Color Lipstick- Wine Not

Black Opal True Color Lipstick – Wine Not



Now this color might seem weird, but it’s as basic as it gets, especially as its now a trending lip shade
(darker tones especially). Party lovers would have this as a favourite cos it’s sure to turn heads at any
party. Although, as glam as this shade maybe it does not suit many dress/hair colors and might just
get you in trouble with the Fashion Police. But this is perfect for when you get tired of mundane
looks and you want something new
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